Bob Casey, BHO and The Bloggy Far Right

Not a single mention, so far as I can see, at the Corner of Bob Casey's endorsement of Barack Obama aof now. Casey is a darling of NRO and a key socially conservative senator in the next critical primary. In fact, by a brief look at memeorandum, almost the entire far right blogosphere is AWOL. Nothing on Hewitt or Reynolds either. If I missed something, let me know. You'd think at least they'd try to grapple with a second pro-lifer's endorsement of the hard-left stealth version of Louis Farrakhan, Senator Hussein from Illinois. Actually, you wouldn't. Stanley Kurtz is still trying to argue that

Pre-Wright, it looked like an Obama nomination would avoid the refighting of the sixties Hillary would inevitably bring. Post-Wright, post-Dreams, etc. it looks as though Hillary and Bill were only the warm-up act for the great culture clash of 2008.

He can dream, can't he? Either Kurtz is like one of those cliched Japanese soldiers who doesn't realize the boomer war is over or Bob Casey is a fool.