An Obama-Richardson Ticket?

Hewitt gets excited:

The Clintons must be furious. The superdelegates who throw in with Obama publicly have to think of themselves as political equivalents of Brutus and Cassius --they are striking at the king and queen, and even if they succeed, they can expect the remaining Caesarians to pursue them for a very long time.

But maybe the power-shift has already begun. Obama has just survived, with some aplomb, his first swift-boating from Fox News et al. He has more delegates. He has more of the popular vote; with Michigan and Florida unlikely to give Clinton much of a boost, smart Democratic operatives will begin to side with the rising star rather than the setting sun. Karen Tumulty:

I'm betting Bill Clinton will be watching the Super Bowl with someone else next year.

Doesn't this also have to be somewhat tinged with Richardson's hope for a veep pick? Obama is weak with Hispanics; Richardson has sterling foreign policy and executive experience, another perceived (but in my view phony) weakness; Richardson could also help with the West where McCain will be strong. A black-brown ticket? Hmmm.