Advice For Obama

Matt Cooper's two cents:

Hope is a great message. Math isn't. Whining's even worse.

My view is still that Obama should not go negative. His surrogates and supporters should - especially those of us who remember the Clintons' sleazy, polarizing past. But he does need to become more aggressive and more direct. I should add: asking for the Clintons to release their tax returns is not negative. Pointing out that Clinton has very little experience in foreign policy is also not negative. It's simply true. One way of not going negative while being aggressive would be to explain, along the lines of this post, why the Clintons represent the past and the Washington establishment; why they actually mean a third term of Rovism. He has to stop hoping that his veiled references to Rove-Morris politics somehow sink in with people, without spelling it out. He needs not just to resist the Clintons' tactics, but to expose them. And show them as the bankrupt, irrelevant diversion that they are.

And then remind us whey we long to get past them; and why he alone can do it.