A Sociopath On Air

A reader writes:

If you did not hear Clinton's interview with Steve Inskeep on NPR this morning, be sure to give a listen. It shattered my Obama optimism.

Inskeep gave her several of the hard questions you write about every day, and she parried every one. She sounded -- not was, but sounded -- rational, logical, sensible (Obama-like?) in explaining why the MI and FL delegates should be seated, and denying she ever said McCain was more qualified than Obama. Some of her answers were such whoppers that Inskeep actually repeated the questions, his voice rising with incredulity.

The woman is an absolute assassin. Ice water in her veins. A second-generation terminator (yeah, the liquid-metal kind). As a politician, I fear she is light years ahead of Obama, and I am very, very afraid.