"Let Her Win"

A reader writes:

Like you I've been down since Tuesday. A long time ABC (Anyone But Clinton) Democrat, I have decided that the best possible outcome of this horrible situation is if Clinton wins the nomination.

The Clinton's hold on the Democratic Party will continue until they lose an election. Obama has had three shots, New Hampshire, California and now Texas to beat Clinton and he failed. Although he overcame large polling margins to make all three close, she still walked away as the popular vote winner.

He can't beat her. He can maintain his delgate lead but what he needs is a large margin of victory in a key battleground state and all that's left is Pennsylvania. With demographics similar to Ohio it's unlikely he can acheive  a 5-10 point margin that he would need to stop the Clinton machine.

Let her win the nomination and go down in November. No one that can count believes she can take down McCain. She needs every single Democrat to vote for her and pick up a  number of independents to win. McCain doesn't have to pander to his base if she's the nominee. He can run as a moderate and let Rush, et al. bring back the 1990's scadals update it with whatever it is they are hiding in this year's tax returns.

Democrats are an unforgiving bunch when you lose a general election. Just ask Mondale and Kerry. Even Gore was treated badly after 2000 until Iraq sprialed out of control. When she loses in November, neither one of them will have any kind of standing in the party. Good. Only then can the Democrats move away from this toxic relationship.