"Disorder and Dysfunction"

Want to know what a second Clinton White House would be like? Pretty much like the first and pretty much like the Clinton campaign: a bunch of extremely unpleasant people being extremely unpleasant to one another. Money quote:

“She hasn’t managed anything as complex as this before; that’s the problem with senators,” said James A. Thurber, a professor of government at American University who is an expert on presidential management. “She wasn’t as decisive as she should have been. And it’s a legitimate question to ask: Under great pressure from two different factions, can she make some hard decisions and move ahead? It seems to just fester. She doesn’t seem to know how to stop it or want to stop it.”

Look at the two campaigns. Which one is disciplined, inclusive, decent and dependent on grass-roots empowerment? And which one reminds you of Washington at its very, very worst?