Who Is Maggie Williams?

Hillary Clinton's closest confidante. She's been there for a very long time. Ambers has an inside look at the machinations that forced Patty Solis Doyle's resignation:

Solis Doyle, whose serve to Clinton began in 1992, had survived three separate coup attempts, the latest one being shortly after Iowa, when Clinton considered asking Williams to assume the title of "campaign coordinator." Twice, advisers to Bill Clinton have tried to oust her -- one in January, before the campaign officially began, and once in April, after Barack Obama raised more money than the vaunted Clinton machine.

They just didn't see what was about to hit them. They still don't. Ambers seems relatively bullish about the Clinton campaign. But then Maine took him by surprise too. They sure shouldn't be under-estimated, but when a monarch's coronation turns into a popular revolution, it's really hard to put the crown back on straight.