While I Was Sleeping

A huge thank you to Peter, Reihan, Hilary, Jim, and Patrick. Peter, Reihan and Jim often blog at The American Scene; Hilzoy, whose reported, and trenchant posts graced the Dish all week, writes just as well at Obsidian Wings; Patrick, as you now realize fully, keeps me and the Dish abreast of all sorts of web goodies every day every week. I'm really really grateful. It's not easy occupying someone else's blog for seven days, especially this one that has an eight-year daily - even hourly - relationship with many readers. Thanks to all of you.

I had a mellow week off. I stayed a while in LA and hung with friends, then back to DC for slumber with beagles and blu-rays with husband. Sometimes, home is the best vacation. Glad to be back. What the heck happened?