The View From Abroad - South Korea

A reader from South Korea writes:

Koreans, like almost everyone else in the world, want to see a change in American government.  For just about everyone, that means a Democrat in the White House.  From my own experience, I'd say that Koreans prefer Hillary.  That's partly because they look back fondly on the Clinton years, but also because Obama is an unknown quantity over here.  Many of them know who he is, but they don't know what he stands for. And his speaking skills are hard to appreciate if English isn't your first language. Most who are aware of him are skeptical of his ability to win the general election.

Another reader from South Korea adds:

My Korean coworkers, middle class but highly educated women, most of whom have lived and worked in the states, all despise Bush, admire Hillary and have virtually no idea about my man Obama.  It's quite odd, I can only assume there's a media blackout.