The View From Abroad - Australia

A reader writes:

Aussies follow all-things American pretty closely.  Interesting, it seems as though older Aussies are more comfortable with Hillary - indeed excited by her - whereas younger Aussie's are very much behind Obama.  They recognise the global PR coup that would be won by an Obama victory, and they're caught up in the charisma he has to offer as well.

Keep in mind that yesterday, the Australian government officially apologised to the Stolen Generation, those indigenous - black - Australians who were stolen from their parents in an effort to "protect" (read "whiten") them from the 1930s into the 1970s.  In a way, Obama's success represents a hope for reconciliation, renewal, and rebirth for this country as well.

Prime Minister Rudd's Apology was received as the type of refreshing leadership they sought when they voted for him. Obama represents that same hope and potential leadership, and this, no less, in the form of a black man!  Talk about progress!

Keep in mind that Australia is also very much a part of Asia.  The woman who sits next to me is Indonesian.  Everyday with excitement and great anticipation, she asks me how Obama is doing.  She says Indonesia loves him - this, the world's largest Muslim nation, and Australia's closest neighbor.  Not only does she think that Obama would be good for America, but she's convinced that Obama will be very good for her country.  She very much hopes that Obama will one day visit Indonesia and address them in their tongue.  What better wan to win favour with the Muslim world than elect as our leader someone who can so easily bridge such a troublesome cultural and political divide.