The Right And Obama I

A reader writes:

I live in Vermont. This state is known for its progressiveness but, like every state, we definitely have our hardcore conservative Republican constituency. Today, I was at the video store in my very rural town and I overheard a man and a woman, other customers, loudly talking about politics. It was one of those out-loud conversations that inevitably involves everyone else in a 30 foot radius.  Here's what I gathered:

They're both ok with McCain, although not very excited, but they really love his support for the Iraq War. As they browsed the movies, one of them added that he didn't like William H. Macy, the actor, because he heard he was against the war.

They are as anti-Clinton as you might imagine. The thing they agreed about most passionately was that they would never vote for her. One stated - and the other strongly agreed - that if Clinton wins "we're screwed".

And then their tone changed.

It was as if they stopped talking about politics, all partisan edge dissipated, and started to talk about a party at the neighbor's house.  The woman then offered up "... but I like Obama.  I don't know, I'm a conservative Republican, but I might vote for him".  The guy totally agreed.

Andrew, it wasn't just the fact that these 2 pro-war self identified conservative Republicans were considering voting for the Democrat.  It was that the thought of Obama, and consideration of his candidacy, caused them to lose the typical rules, assumptions, and partisan demeanor... like a giant exhale.

It's why he's going to win.