That "Accidental" Memo Leak

Several of you are highly skeptical that that memo surfaced by chance:

Not to accuse Our Hero of sly tricks, but this sounds to me like a warning shot to the Party: trouble ahead--you super-delegates better start thinking now about how to avoid the incredibly damaging floor fight the Clintons will engineer to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations when this comes down to the Convention--and it will come down to the Convention.

One way to avoid Armageddon--probably the only way--is to somehow swing the uncommitted super-delegates (about 50% of the total) behind the leading candidate--and, Obama is saying, "That will be me. I'll be up 30 delegates, up in states, up in money, up in mo, and up in the polls over McCain. So start planning now--because I will take this down to the Convention and through any floor fight if necessary. You don't want that drama."

Accident or not--that's the message.