She's Come Undone

Matt Cooper, whose wife is Mandy Grunwald, sums it up:

...the point is that Clinton is starting to resemble Huckabee--a boutique candidate, catering to a small portion of the electorate. In fact, Huckabee is running stronger than Clinton which is saying something.

Glad I'm not in his bedroom tonight. Marty thinks Clinton is done:

[Clinton] will dismiss and dismiss. And then others will resign. There will be bloodshed in Billaryland. Already, super-delegates committed to Hillary are reconnoitering.  This is the beginning of the end.

Fallows' scales fall a little further from his eyes:

She has not had the grace to mention Barack Obama's name, nor his existence or success. Not as "Senator Obama," not even as "my worthy opponent in the contest for our great party's nomination -- for this battle we all believe in to change the course of the nation's future" and so on. This on a night when he has just trounced her fair and square in Virginia and, presumably, will in a few minutes be shown to have done the same in Maryland and D.C.

Kevin Drum:

So did Hillary lose in Virginia? Or did she get smoked like a Virginia ham? Answer: things are looking pretty hamlike tonight.

Two snaps, okaaaay?