Rowan Williams, Theocon

The full text of his speech defending religiously-based, communitarian law against the secular liberal state can be read here. It strikes me as the point at which Christianists and Islamists intersect. Although the lovely English term "a complete wally" seems equally appropriate. Ruth Gledhill sees the theocon overlap:

A few days ago, the Archbishop argued also for the abolition of the blasphemy law - as long as it was replaced by something even more severe. People should be punished for daring to voice thoughts that were hurtful to others, he said, even when that hurt was unintentional. Now it seems he wants women, children, all of us in fact, to have to kow-tow to some of the strictest, harshest and most draconian laws dreamed up by any religious system, ever, anywhere in the world.

The most persuasive half-defense of Williams can be read here. I don't think it's possible to defend a kinder, gentler sharia against the secular rule of law. But then I'm a secularist.