Revisiting Juno

[Patrick Appel] When the movie Juno hit theaters, many pro-life bloggers appreciated it because Juno takes the baby to term, while pro-choice bloggers argued that it was essentially a movie about choosing whether or not to have an abortion. I don't think you can superimpose either political viewpoint onto the movie entirely, which is why this interview with Ellen Page (Juno) gave me pause:

I very much am pro-choice, I don't really get it. People are always going to project.

Of course, who a filmmaker or actor is and what they believe is secondary to the film itself. The beauty of Juno was how it brought together two political extremes. I'd argue that art is always about projection, about melding your own prejudices and opinions with those of the artist. The same is true of writing. Reading happens when you read these words, not when I type them or think them.

(hat tip: Jessica)