Reagan and Obama

It's good to see some conservatives being a little smarter than the Clintons. I recall last spring after an Obama rally in DC where I met Philip Klein, a young conservative writer for the American Spectator. As we left the scene, he told me he thought conservatives were in denial about the guy, didn't yet see his potential, or his threat. Maybe some are getting it now. But they need to get a lot smarter than digs about dressing up like Osama. Obama represents a very smart and rational liberalism. I fear conservatives have gotten intellectually lazy. It may be we need an Obama presidency to force the right to get serious again.

[I fixed the Osama-Obama typo. Jeez. I wonder where that came from? I don't think I have ever made that typo before despite writing the name Obama countless times. And I just did it twice in one post. Maybe it was because I used the word Osama in the same sentence. But weird.]