Polls Are Still Open

The number of votes for this year's awards is already the largest in the history of the Dish. We've had over half a million pageviews today and thousands upon thousands of votes in the different categories. It was, I suspect, the sheer quality of the bile - especially against Obama - that enlivened the competition this year. The Awards are a reminder of just how nasty, fearful and unhinged the resistance to Obama became at times.

Maybe that's why the Dish's Mental Health Breaks proved to be so popular as well this year. And for the first time, you can vote for your favorite. (My own personal favorite is now in a comfortable lead.) Plus: Hewitt! Wonderful Hewitt! Voting is still open: so click the links and you can vote for the 2008 Malkin Award, Moore Award, Von Hoffmann Award, Yglesias Award, and Poseur Alert. Don't forget the new Hewitt Award and the Mental Health Break Of The Year. Award glossary here.