[Patrick Appel]

Post Wisconsin a lot of bloggers are realizing how bad of shape the Clinton campaign is in. Here is Dave Weigel:

[Clinton needs] to win Democratic voters in a landslide. But now that the Clintons are losing, the ornery labor unionswho have never fully forgiven Bill Clinton for his New Democratic feints on tradehave lost their fear. They're going for Obama, driving the final nails into Clintonism. You can see how afraid Clinton is with her current campaign (bolstered by 527s) in Ohio. She sounds like arch-populist Sherrod Brown, or like an even less relatable John Edwards.

And here is Junah Grunstein:

The Clinton campaign's performance since February 5th makes me wish that there were some sort of procedure in place whereby a candidate can be penalized by having delegates that they've previously won taken away from them. Something along the lines of a 15-yard penalty and loss of down in football. Because I've never seen anything as pathetic as what the Clinton camp has trotted out, not just once or twice, but consistently, almost daily, for the past two weeks.

Even this Hillary supporter thinks she should call it quits.