[Peter Suderman] Here's James Pethokoukis on the general shape of Obamanomics:

What is the economic philosophy of Democratic front-runner Barack Obama? I will elaborate on this later, but for now, think of it this way: He's Robert Rubin on trade (pretty much keep it open but help workers), Warren Buffett on taxes (higher rates really don't affect what rich folks do, so crank 'em up! ), and Robert Reich on spending (balance the budget later, "invest" now in education and science).

I've noticed a minor trend of Obama-support amongst libertarians (Dan Koffler, for one, and there appear to be several Facebook groups as well), and if you're looking primarily at foreign policy, as Tyler Cowen advises, that's certainly reasonable. On the other hand, as far as domestic policy goes, I think anyone with small-government instincts ought to take a moment to consider the above.