Obama and the Jews

I've been struck by the lack of love in many quarters. A reader writes:

Obama's getting swift boated by Jews - both pro-Clinton liberals and Republicans. A few Clinton supporters sent me emails and Jerusalem Post editorials about how pro-Palestinian Obama is, not based on anything he said, but based on (1) his alleged foreign policy advisers (he has some list of alleged foreign policy advisers - really people who have endorsed him, I suspect - with pro-Arab sympathies. Brezhinski's name keeps popping up on these emails, as well as some guy named Malley I never heard of) and (2) his crazy pastor who gave some kind of award to Farrakhan.  I argued about the latter with my mom; she said that "those blacks all obey their pastors."

I think Obama will be lucky to get more than half the Jewish vote if he's nominated; because of the history of black anti Semitism and ethnic cleansing, any black candidate has to be purer than Caesar's wife to avoid accusations of anti-Zionism. Obama is probably reasonably OK from a pro-Israel perspective, but he isn't THAT pure - he'll get clobbered on guilt by association issues.

The pattern is familiar:

With 8 days to go before Ohio and Texas, get ready to see more of Obama in tribal dress, more about his being a Muslim, more about his advisers not liking Israel and Jews, more about Farrakhan and Jackson. And more about Michelle's "edge."