Masking A Religious Campaign

[Patrick Appel] Derbyshire on Intelligent Design:

I've said before here, and repeated as politely as I could in panel discussions with creationists: they're not just wrong, they're shifty. In my opinion, they wandered off the straight and narrow when they started pushing this "intelligent design" stuff. My advice to them frequently offered but, for reasons that are baffling to me, never taken up is to drop the i-d b-s and go back to good old Biblical creationism. At least that's an honest point of view founded in Scripture. I understand why the move to i-d was made: to try to get out from under current church-state jurisprudence (not all of which I agree with). However, the constant strain of keeping a straight face while insisting that theirs is not no way! absolutely not!! a religious campaign, and talking about the mysterious-but-definitely-not-supernatural "Designer," has corrupted them irredeemably.