Malkin Award Nominee

"You remember, ladies and gentlemen, John Kerry, when he was running for the presidency in 2004, went down there to NASA, and he dressed up in a sperm costume.  Remember that picture?  It looked like John Kerry was running through the tubes, the shuttle launch complex, or whatever it was, looked like a sperm cell, with just his face sticking out.  And everybody was laughing themselves silly, just having the greatest time making fun of Kerry because he did look like a dork.  He looked like an idiot.  He looked like a sperm cell.  Now Obama dresses up like Bin Laden, and if you mention it, it's a scurrilous attack.  This is the brilliance of the Obama campaign," - Rush Limbaugh.

Obama "dresses up like Bin Laden"? They're desperate. They're also despicable.