Gays And Social Conservatism

A reader writes:

I believe the greatest enemy we have today is the under-reported and under-combated "sheer ignorance factor" of straight people that impedes legislative change to match the positive changes in social attitudes of those same majority straight persons (of either political stripe) toward gay unions.

I find that when talking one on one, the vast majority of straight people of all political stripes, confronted by personal contact with a gay couple exhibiting  stability and commitment, seem  positive on our securing rights. But, those same supportive persons most often voice their assumption that we already have those basic  rights, and are incredulous (or downright doubtful) when I describe the  reality and impact of how Federal and state laws prevent numerous common sense solutions to partner issues (such as sharing health care benefits or the recognizing of foreign partners). How can they be so ignorant of our plight?  Where and who is our public champion(s)? Where are the well crafted but subtle long term ad campaigns that might motivate legislative change? Or is an ad campaign impossible because few commercial avenues are available? Of course the Human Rights Campaign would be a good engine for change if they were not corrupted by the profitability  of keeping the goal perpetually out of reach.  A more long term, consistent and concerted effort than a single movie is needed.