From The Crayolas Of Babes

From a new Iraq blog written by a recently deployed solider, a post about the mail soldiers get:

... my favorite portion of the miscellaneous stack of our mail room are the letters written to soldiers by American schoolchildren ...

Here’s a list of my early favorites, all advice suggested by real American children in real American letters with real American crayons. This is what the Red, White, and Blue is all about, you dig? If we fight this Long War to protect the nurturing of such beautiful understatement, I’m all for it. It’s as good a reason as any, and not contrived like the normal political justifications.

-- I hope you don’t die, soldier. That would be bad.

-- I feel sorry for you.

-- I think war is worse than math.

-- My daddy doesn’t want me to be in the soldiers, cause he says that the Irack will last forever. Maybe if he changes his mind I’ll see you in the Irack.

-- My cousin was in war but he got hurt. Now he has a big beard and drinks beer all day long. My mom says he should get a job.

-- Can you send me back a bad guy’s head? That would be cool.[...]

-- I hate cursive. Do you have to write in cursive for war?

-- Is it like the movies? Do our letters make you feel better?