Face Of The Day


Jona Frank has a new book of "Portraits from the Evangelical Ivy League. " Hanna Rosin, author of God's Harvard, wrote the introduction. Here's a paragraph from an old article by Hanna about Patrick Henry University:

[Elisa Muench], like eighty-five per cent of the students at Patrick Henry, was homeschooled, in her case in rural Idaho. Homeschoolers are not the most obvious raw material for a college whose main mission, since its founding, five years ago, has been to train a new generation of Christian politicians. Politics, after all, is the most social of professions, and many students arrive at Patrick Henry having never shared a classroom with anyone other than their siblings. In conservative circles, however, homeschoolers are considered something of an élite, rough around the edges but purein their focus, capacity for work, and ideological claritya view that helps explain why the Republican establishment has placed its support behind Patrick Henry, and why so many conservative politicians are hiring its graduates.

More of Jona Frank's photography can be seen at his website.