Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I think that you've been out of college for so long that maybe you don't realize how bad the leftist, self-loathing of the West really, truly is.

David Horowitz is a conscious bomb thrower, and loves to go onto college campuses to get a rise out of them. By "them" I don't, unfortunately, just mean the twenty-somethings hopped up on American history 101, and an overwrought sense of injustice. I'm not talking about those who will grow out of it some day.

I mean the powerful and persuasive professors and speakers, genuine adults, who believe that by far the greatest threat to humanity is America itself, and liberty as we know it.

There are many people on college campuses as prestigious as Harvard and Yale, that genuinely hope that the Islamofascists in Iraq and elsewhere in the Muslim world prevail, just to poke a finger in America's and the West's eye.

Perhaps like so many leftist do, they don't think past their intentions and their feelings to what outcomes would actually take place if say, Iraq became a nation state ran by the equivalent of a Taliban.  They of course would claim that they are violently against "fascism," but wouldn't dare apply that term to a non-white, non-Western group.

There is a sickness as vile and nihilistic as the Islamofascists themselves.  Whether or not they consciously support the beheaders and bus bombers, they for all practical purposes do support the Islamofascist enemy.  I don't think Horowitz's comment is out of line in the least.