Clinton's Biggest Disadvantage

Jonathan Rauch's article on the consequences of a partisan withdrawal from Iraq:

...if Democrats win both branches in the fall, their biggest challenge will not be leaving Iraq; it will be keeping America in one piece on the way out. Having felt flicked aside by the Republicans through Bush’s presidency, victorious Democrats will be tempted to return the favor. Before succumbing, they might recall how badly partisan warfare has gone. Then they might ask themselves why a partisan retreat would go any better.

This is one of Clinton's deepest problems. She is the potential president with the least ability to bring us out of Iraq without splitting this country in two. Yes, the Dolchstoss right will have a field day with Obama. But he has a chance to minimize the partisanship in withdrawal; she has the potential to metastasize the partisan cancer. Oddly, I think McCain has the best opportunity to get us out of the quicksand. Except he wants us to dig in deeper.