Clinton As Manager II

Hilzoy points out another massive failure - not foreseeing a long campaign, not saving enough money, not planning adequately:

The Obama campaign arguably had more reason than the Clinton campaign to focus on the earliest contests and slight the later ones. Obama, after all, was coming from behind. He had to win some of the early contests. If he had lost every state through Super Tuesday, it would have been all over for him. He therefore had a pretty strong reason to put everything he had into those states, and hope that whatever momentum he got would carry him through in places like Maine and Nebraska. Clinton, by contrast, only had to anticipate that Obama might win enough states to keep going to know that she had to focus on the post-Super Tuesday states. She has a lot less excuse for making this misjudgment than Obama did. But she made it, and he did not. That tells me something.

It tells you that her spin of competence just isn't true. This has been an incompetently run campaign. And it's the best evidence we have of Clinton's executive skills.