Clinton As Manager I

She's supposed to have experience? Check this out:

Over the last seven years, Clinton had raised $175 million for her reelection and her presidential campaign. But Solis Doyle didn't tell Clinton that there was next to no cash on hand until after the New Hampshire primary.

"We were lying about money," a source said. "The cash on hand was nothing."

In turn, Clinton didn't tell Solis Doyle that she was lending her own money to keep the campaign afloat. Solis Doyle found out third-hand. And when she asked Clinton about it, the senator told her she couldn't understand how the campaign had gotten to such a point.

Ambers has a similar story to tell. The reason underlings lie about things is because they're scared and don't want to upset the boss. Think Bush and Iraq. Or Bush and everything. You want another executive like that in the White House? The kind who does not want to hear bad news?