Clinton Agonistes


The staffers are turning to drink:

After 13 months of dawn-to-dark seven-day weeks, the staff is exhausted. Some have taken to going home early 9 p.m. turning off their BlackBerrys, and polishing off bottles of wine, several senior staff members said.

Some advisers have been heard yelling at close friends and colleagues. In a much-reported incident, Mr. Penn and the campaign advertising chief, Mandy Grunwald, had a screaming match over strategy recently that prompted another senior aide, Guy Cecil, to leave the room. “I have work to do you’re acting like kids,” Mr. Cecil said, according to three people in the room.

This was precious from Susan Thomases:

"This is no woe-is-me woman."

Ooookaaay. Has Thomases been in a coma for the past two months? But there's the usual Clinton brazenness as well. Her entire message since Iowa has been a constant cooptation of Obama's message - yet he's the plagiarist? And she and her husband clearly played the racial card - and yet Obama is using Karl Rove tactics? If I worked for her, I would have hit the Cabernet hard a while ago.