Cleveland Debate Reax

Marc on each candidate's body language:

I hesitate to point out her body language, if only because I can easily read too much into it. But she seemed tense, remorseful, sad, at times… her neck seemed leaden; her voice had an edge that all to often crossed the boundary between assertive and plaintive.

Obama seemed more solicitous and upbeat. Even as he was defensive, he was passive-defensive; he was oh-so-cool; one e-mailer, recalling Twain, called him a Christian with four aces. He seemed to be listening to Hillary Stagg with one ear and to Hillary Clinton with the other.

John Dickerson's two cents:

At one point, Clinton talked about how she barely had time to sleep, and you could believe it. After watching her fight through 90 minutes trying to make some kind of dent against the vastly improved Obama, it made you want to offer her a pillow.

Roger Simon on Clinton's new theme:

Hillary Clinton as the inevitable Democratic nominee didn’t work. Hillary Clinton as the front-runner didn’t work. So how about Hillary Clinton as the victim? That was her theme at the Democratic debate with Barack Obama in Cleveland Tuesday night.

Just for balance, here's Taylor Marsh:

After a year in the primary season, Hillary Clinton has found her theme: I'm a fighter.

Italics hers. Nausea yours. My take here.