Another Landslide

There were many reasons to believe that the Clintons would do better in Maine. I posted some of them here:

Maine’s white Democrats are disproportionately ethnic and working-classdemographic groups critical to Clinton’s triumphs in New Jersey and Massachusetts. They’ve tended to dominate Democratic primaries, as well.

But something happened today - the same thing that happened in Washington and Nebraska. In not-so-great weather, a huge turnout delivered a another huge margin of victory to Obama. The message is clear and its volume is increasing. The more Democrats look closely at their two candidates, the more the insurgent begins to look like the inevitable.

I wonder if McCain's emergence as the alternative hasn't tilted things further in Obama's favor. The Democrats are now up against a candidate who can appeal to the independent center. To go back to polarizing base politics is to go back to the era of Rove. The rank and file are telling the superdelegates something. They'd better adjust their hearing soon.