A Sam's Club Independent

And she's voting Democrat this fall:

I wonder if I'm typical.  Forty-seven years old, employed in manufacturing throughout my working life.  Voted for Ronald Reagan the first time I could.  Became a true believer in the ideal of small government, low taxes, and a free-market economy. Faithfully kept my nose to the grindstone for years on end.  Watched my 401K climb to seventy-thousand dollars at the end of the Clinton years, only to see it decimated once the republicans took over. I have never asked anything of my country except for a fair chance.

The opportunity to have prospered through hard work and discipline has been destroyed by the party who claims to be the standard bearer for those very attributes.  My American dream was sold to the lowest bidder (China), given to the cheapest available laborers (Latinos), and used to run-up corporate profits at the expense of hundreds of thousands just like me. And George tells us how "strong" the U.S. economy is. Well George, not out here in the wasteland of American manufacturing.

Out here it takes two adults in a house to maintain any semblance of a decent living.  We can't afford three dollar-a-gallon gas, we can't afford a two-thousand dollar a month house payment, we can't afford health insurance, and we can't afford to keep you people in power any longer.  I'm sick to death of hearing how a "terrorist" is just waiting to kick my door in, how only true "patriots" are those who turn a blind eye to shameful acts of human degredation, how the only way to "support" the troops is to continue unaccountably awarding the Pentagon billions of taxpayer dollars, and how if we want to succeed in this country we need to embrace the new "global economy", GODDAMMIT ENOUGH!!

Is it any wonder that so many of us could latch onto a message that resonates with authenticity, a message that speaks to a better America, a message of hope?  Is it any wonder that Obama shines like a beacon in the face of so much darkness?  We have been eight long years in a cesspool of waste, fear-mongering, lies, and criminal profiteering from ill-concieved economic and fiscal policy.  This republican administration cannot end soon enough, and this is one independent white middle-class working American who will pull the lever for Obama and the democrats so hard this November that glass will break in that shining city on the hill.