(Reverse) Von Hoffman Award Nominee

by Chris Bodenner

"Aside from the criminal defendants and the Illinois Democratic Party, who are the big losers in Blago-gate? Really anyone who wants to get away with something or get something they don’t really deserve. ... [They] may be handicapped in achieving their political aspirations. ... Unqualified Caroline Kennedy wants to use the Kennedy name to leapfrog over a dozen more qualified candidates? Not unless Gov. Paterson wants grief," - Jennifer Rubin.

Her post appears* prescient; here's Paterson:

"I'm not going to comment on anything that happened in any other state, but what I would say is that just hearing the news makes me more resolved to the fact that this has to be a merit process. The only thing I should be thinking about is the merits of the candidates. ... [B]ecause of the precious nature of seniority in Washington, I'm hoping that a candidate that I select would win in 2010. ... [S]eniority is very important."

Awards glossary here.  Perhaps Andrew should create an award for spot-on political, social, and cultural predictions, especially ones dismissed or derided at the time.  (Shinseki Award?)  Any good nominee examples you can think of, readers?  Update: "examples" as in passages like Rubin's, not names for an award (yes, Schiff and Cassandra are great suggestions for the latter).

*Her post was actually published two hours after the Paterson post, but I doubt she saw it.