Why Right-Wing Blogs Boom

Liberals are reading them:

I guess part of it is that I'm a glutton for punishment, but also find that my own beliefs - and my arguments to defend them - are strengthened when I understand where my opponents are coming from. Also, as you put it, I find their "internal battles" right now extremely engaging. My favorite is Malkin's blog.  I'm a registered commenter there, and there is nothing more thrilling than dropping a perfectly sane, reasoned comment from a liberal perspective into a chicken little-esque thread and either 1) watching the thread come to a standstill, or 2) watching their heads explode.

The trouble with Kos's "just-win-and-beat-the-right" philosophy is that it gets intellectually dull after a while. I've found Kos much less readable recently than it used to be. Bitter never sells. And Malkin is always entertaining in a hathetic kind of way.