Where Has Bill Clinton Been?

A Democrat vents:

Where the hell has this red-faced, angry, combative Bill Clinton been for the last eight years?

Did Bill get angry and demand that wrongs be righted after the Florida miscount? After Bush v. Gore? After Bush, Cheney, and Rice blew off his concerns about terrorism for 8 months? After Bush's unpreparedness for, inadequate and incomplete response to, and unconscionable exploitation of 9/11? After the unfair media and GOP attacks on Al Gore, Howard Dean, and John Kerry? After Katrina? Plame? The US Attorneys? The "lost" emails? The countless other mistakes and malfeasances of the Bush administration?

Sorry, Bill -- by remaining silent in the face of so many grave catastrophes, you forfeited your right to attack Obama...

But Bush didn't really challenge the Clintons' power, did he? In fact, it was vital for the Clintons that Kerry be defeated in 2004 in order for the Restoration Project to continue. If you want to find a red-faced Democrat who actually cares about the country, the Constitution and the world, Al Gore has been your man for the last eight years. The Clintons only care about themselves. True now as it has always been.