The Endorsement Race

The conventional wisdom is not to make too much of endorsements, and the CW is basically right. But Josh is also onto something when he notes how many serious, senior Democrats have chosen to back Obama in the wake of a Clinton come-back. Yes, they're mainly from the conservative wing of the party, and from the more purple end of the blue states or in red states. And yes, I think many are just voicing a genuine desire for the Democrats to regain their soul again from the calculations of Penn and Blumenthal and McAuliffe. But they are also politicians, judging the impact of their decision. I think they believe that Obama has already shown he is the future of the Democratic party. And Clinton's surprise come-back in New Hampshire is the exception to her eventual defeat, not the rule of her imminent victory. One good cry does not a campaign win. And some Democrats are looking to their party's future, not a dynasty's ambition.