Some Questions For Huckabee

Damian Lanigan:

We need to ask the ex-Governor a straight question: don't you think, at the very least, that the issue of consent is a major difference between adult homosexual relations and sex with animals? Does he know how difficult it is, for instance, to get a rabbit to go for a drink with you, let alone to persuade it to come back to your place for coffee and a parsnip? Has he tried hooking up in a petting zoo?

The very least you're going to need a lasso and gritty determination. Some people have even had to resort to Rohypnol. Llamas don't go down easy, you know.  I've heard that human / avian wedding arrangements are particularly difficult: it doesn't matter how many times you ask a budgie whether they'd like a civil or religious ceremony, they just repeat the question and keep pecking away at the old millet sock.

I'm sure I could think of other differences between human gay relationships and human / animal ones, but I have to go: my wife's stuck up the neighbours' tree again.