For the record:

Only 78 delegates will be picked prior to Florida whereas 1,039 delegates will be picked on January 29 and February 5. Additionally, it is important to note that voting HAS ALREADY STARTED in Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and New York tens of thousands of people will have already cast their ballot by the time you are reading this note. And more February 5th states, including California will begin early and absentee voting soon. All of this points to the folly of over-estimating the impact of the results of Iowa and New Hampshire and the wisdom of our strategy.

But if he's absent from the entire media circus for the next two weeks, where does the oxygen come from? He's got to hope it's still a mess, with everyone wounded, by early February. That strikes me as a huge risk. I'm with Mark Steyn on this one. Except much more relieved.