Ron Paul: For President Of Azeroth!


The good doctor had a rally ... in World Of Warcraft land (yeah, the above is a screen-grab of a line of Ron Paul supporters):

"We rallied in Ironforge for a while, then we took the subway to Stormwind, then we went to Goldshire and eventually Booty Bay, Ratchet, The Crossroads, and then Orgrimmar."

"There was even a long swim involved, which was really funny," another player said. "Considering there was 240 people all swimming at the same time."

More to come:

The RP Revolution guild is planning additional rallies in WoW in support of Ron Paul, and there are rumors of events in other virtual worlds (Second Life? LOTRO?).

Alas, our intrepid blogger-reporter got the time zone for the gathering wrong:

Allow me to explain something about gaming journalism: when you show up three hours late to an in-game event, there isn't much of a story left to cover. Even my editors, who generally consider my faux pas to be the very height of comedy, would raise their eyebrows at this one. Time to pull this puppy out of the jaws of defeat, and get something that looked like a story out of this mess.

I interviewed a couple of my new guildmates. They were quite helpful. A few facts:

The rally went a bit better than expected.  The number of Ron Paul followers that appeared were appreciable.

The rally actually caused a queue on Whisperwind of more than 300 players waiting to log in.   

They filled five raids with Ron Paul supporters.  At 40 per raid, that was more than 200 people.

Various guildmates threw out different figures. One said that 200+ people had shown up. Another said the number was 240, another said 250 or more.

The march ended in Orgrimmar, with (presumably) the mass slaughter of the marchers at the hands of their Horde enemies. No word on how Ron Paul felt about this horrific tragedy.