Romney's Immigration Blather

An almost comical mix of ugly pandering, insincerity and total incoherence:

Mounting his attack on Mr. McCain, Mr. Romney has blanketed New Hampshire television stations with ads deriding as "amnesty" the senator's plan to provide an eventual pathway to legalization for America's 12 million undocumented immigrants -- the same plan he once called "reasonable." But in the debate Saturday, Mr. Romney twice said the McCain plan is not "technically" amnesty because it would sock undocumented immigrants with a $5,000 penalty if they wanted to remain in the country. He also denied that his own ads describe McCain's program as an "amnesty," which in fact they do. He then managed to double back on himself by asserting that "most people" would consider the McCain plan an amnesty.

Does Romney plan on sending all 12 million illegal immigrants home? Nahh.