McCain On Obama

Sounds like himself a little:

"Knowing him well, as I do, I know he had great potential, but I wasn't sure about, and I think all of us who indulge in the conventional wisdom didn't know, is whether he could have success against what was basically very strong control of the party and its apparatus in Sen Clinton. It's sort of what we faced in 2000 with Gov. Bush. He had the whole party apparatus behind him. I'm not saying she had all of it, but she certainly had a good part of it ...

He is very articulate. He's got a very strong message of let's work together and get something done for the country. I think he has articulated that message very effectively. I think that he campaigns extremely well, and he's able to motivate people, to say the least, very well. And I think he has a pretty good message."

Let's forget he said "articulate" shall we? I've said it before, but a McCain-Obama contest in 2008 would bring out the best in us. It would be particularly instructive in grappling with the question of the Iraq occupation.