Libertarians Respond To The Ron Paul Newsletters

Matt Welch has a useful round-up. Radley Balko has his say here. Brian Doherty responds here. Nick Gillespie here. Jesse Walker here. I think all of us of libertarian-conservative bent who have been buoyed by the Ron Paul revolution are disheartened and shocked. On reflection, although I just don't believe he wrote those repulsive sentences himself, I think Paul needs to explain more. As in: who did write them? Who did publish them? What was the connection between them and the congressman?

I also want to reiterate that those of us who supported the Ron Paul movement find these sentiments despicable. They are emphatically not what we are supporting and have supported - a return to constitutional principles, individual liberty, fiscal prudence and a foreign policy that is not based on war, torture and indefinite occupation of other people's countries. As I wrote, I think much less of Ron Paul today; but I do not think less of the principles he has expressed and defended in this campaign.