Is Hewitt Losing Hope?

Even I was more bullish on Romney after last night's debate:

McCain will get another assist from Arnold tomorrow or Friday, but it is hard to hide the fact that this would be a second Bob Dole campaign, with less energy and fewer conservative principles.  Many, many Republicans have to be worried not just about losing the White House, but about a dispirited party and a down-ticket wipe-out. McCain supported the surge.  That's true, and a very strong point. But is it enough to wage a nine-month campaign on?

Romney's third conscutive strong performance in a debate will almost certainly lead to a rise day-to-day over the next six days in key states, but whether he rises fast or far enough depends primarily on the Huckabee voters' recognition that continued allegiance to the Huck spells a McCain nomination and all that means for the next nine months.