A reader writes:

Several months ago, I found myself drifting away from your blog. I even pouted my way through your wedding and didn't congratulate you (a risible, insulting diss from a WASP). It was hard. I'm not certain how I would have gotten through the Bush/ Cheney years without your blog.

But I'd gotten so fed up with your Hillary obsession, I just couldn't take it anymore.  Looking back, I realize I took it personally. I now accept that sometimes we women simply over-identify with Hillary.

But something essential shifted inside of me and in my 43 years, I have never experienced anything like it.  After 15 years of unflinching, Blumenthal-level Clintonista tendencies, I woke up one day and realized I hated them.

Not that I was severely uncomfortable with their attacks on Obama, although I was, not that the racially tinged lies were disgusting, although they were, not that Hillary's candidacy is actually a disgrace to feminism, although it is, not that their path to winning is by killing hope, although it is. No, it was a gestalt really, more of a snowball effect that started the first day of the Penn-cocaine filth.  It really got some steam up post MLK/Johnson and exploded when Bill Clinton threw black people under the bus the first chance he got, blaming everyone but himself in the process.

All of those years of defending the Clinton's against their enemies simply fell away.  The memories of Monica floated back up, I remembered how they threw her under the bus the first chance they got too.  Does anyone doubt Bill would have let Monica rot in jail had it come to that?

I'm trying to adjust to this new reality of mine, although the biggest surprise has been how natural it feels.  I can't tell you how many people I know have gone through this same transformation.  The rift is irreparable, but that is OK.  I'm focusing solely on the future and feel much lighter for it.

Yes we can.