Your Chance To Give An Award To Michelle Malkin!

Will Michelle Malkin win the Dish's Yglesias Award for 2007? Or would that open up a tear in the time-space continuum? Your favorite foaming at the mouth wingnut and Sully-lover, Ace, is among the finalists as well. As are Huffpuffers Tish Durkin and Paul Jenkins from the left. It's a veritable reasonableness-fest. But only you decide who wins.

Malkin Award Finalists - including Glenn Reynolds and Rush Limbaugh - here.

Moore Awards - featuring Eric Alterman and Keith Olbermann (in the lead right now) - here.

Poseurs of the Year - it's a toss-up between Michael Ledeen and Bernard Henri Levy (with Lewis Lapham in the running) - here.

The criteria are here. What are you waiting for?