What's Wrong With The Clinton Campaign

An Iowa past state Democratic party chair writes:

National reporters have been calling and the most common question is 'What is wrong with the Clinton campaign?'

I have offered an explanation that I believe is still valid. It is very hard for the Senator to connect to ordinary Iowans. This in part because of understandable security concerns but also because of the type of presentation she has chosen. To get Iowans to work for you they have to feel that their support is essential. You cannot do that at a rally of 5,000 of their closest friends.

However, I am starting to believe there may be a deeper and more underlying cause.

It is not the so-called Clinton fatigue, for the non-supporters a reluctance to embark on eight more years of a Clinton Presidency was there from the start.

But in one clear phrase please tell me this: why should we caucus for her?

For example, one word describes Obama’s effort:  Change. For Edwards, it is economic justice and for Dodd, restoring the rule of law. For Biden, foreign policy experience in an increasingly dangerous world. I can’t give you a one word or simple explanation as to what a Clinton Presidency would mean.  The reason we find this New Yorker moving from issue to issue is that she has yet to define it herself. We know she wants to be President, but we don’t know why.