Vent Of The Day

A blogger cri de coeur responding to the online exposure of Jenifer Love Hewitt's cellulite:

Like you, Jennifer, I speak up now not for myself, but for all the bloggers out there who may be struggling with their body images (and if you’ve spent any time on the internet, you know that’s most of ‘em). I speak up now to add my voice to those decrying the pernicious manner in which blogger’s bodies are relentlessly scrutinized, every perceived “flaw” in our soft, doughy forms dissected and analyzed and heaven forbid if our less-than-perfect blogger bodies fail to meet the rigid standards society seeks to impose on us! Finally, I speak up now to call out publicly those supposed internet wits and wags who would seek to attack us bloggers in the most base and disrespectful manner in particular one commenter going by the name of skippingjay352, who had the temerity to call my black bikini bottoms in the above photos “whale canvas” and “jumbo butt floss” and “supersized stink string.” Well, Mr. Skippingjay352, you can have back your shame and your unrealistic body images; the Kamper doesn’t need them anymore.

Jennifer and I are moving on.

The photos I could have done without.