Unelectable Clinton

The argument seems to me to be over. On the simple basis of electability, Obama is far ahead of Clinton in facing off against eith Giuliani or Huckabee:

The poll shows Mr. Obama leading Mr. Giuliani (49 - 40) by a larger margin than Mrs. Clinton does (46 - 43) -- a change from early November, when the data suggested they would both fare about the same against him. Against Mr. Huckabee, Mr. Obama leads by 48% to 36%, while Mrs. Clinton has a narrow 46% to 44% edge.

Her argument is now her likability? Or her experience as First Lady and in the Senate up against a community organizer, state legislator and first term US Senator? And she is almost a couple of decades older, of course. I really fail to see why she has any traction at all at this point. Sure, she's very smart and very political. But if she hadn't been married to a former president, I think she'd be regarded as a run-of-the-mill candidate in this race, solely interesting because of her gender: in the Chris Dodd mold without the sense of honor.