The Right vs. McCain

Here's an amazing part of a sentence from Mark Levin at NRO:

In sum, John McCain has been weak on homeland security, joining with numerous liberal Democrats to argue for closing Guantanamo Bay, applying the Geneva Conventions to unlawful enemy combatants, extending certain constitutional rights to detainees, limiting tried and true interrogation techniques ...

Let us be quite clear here: among those "liberal Democrats" urging the closing of Gitmo can be counted president George W. Bush. Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions has always applied to every prisoner, unlawful or otherwise, captured in wartime. And the only interrogation techniques McCain has opposed are all those that are not in the Army Field Manual, i.e. all those that are not "tried and true" in the United States. The "tried and true" techniques Levin favors have been tried and found "true" by the Gestapo, Stalin and the Khmer Rouge. That is now whence American conservatives like Levin now draw their traditions. The word "fascist" flatters them.